Firefox 釋出, IE 7.0 Beta 2 釋出當天研究者只花 15 分鐘就發現漏洞!

剛在 computerworld 看到的文章, 他內容標題下的第一行就寫出這樣的話:

An independent researcher needed just 15 minutes to find the first bug in the Beta 2 preview release of Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer 7 browser.

看起來很諷刺, 在 IE7.0 BETA2 短短推出後只花 15 分鐘馬上找到漏洞, 快換 Firefox 了吧.

Firefox 也剛推出了, 這是他的更新列表:

  • Improved stability.
  • Improved support for Mac OS X.
  • International Domain Name support for Iceland (.is) is now enabled.
  • Fixes for several memory leaks.
  • Several security enhancements.


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